Floating balloons can be used to create spectacular balloon arrangements. However, helium can be quite expensive or inaccessible to many people, primarily due to the recent worldwide shortage of helium. This article will show you how you can replicate different floating balloon designs without using helium.

The most simple and effective way to get floating balloons without helium is by using glue dots. This is accomplished by skillfully securing your balloons to the wall or ceiling in an arrangement that imitates real floating balloons. Another way to achieve the floating balloon appearance is with a table-top balloon centerpiece stand.

In this tutorial, we will outline 5 steps to get your balloon arrangements flying high.

Here are the items you need to create a no-helium floating balloon arrangement:

  1. Latex, Foil, or Mylar Balloons. Helium grade balloons are not required.
  2. A Balloon Pump Manual or Electric.
  3. A roll or sheet of balloon spot glue
  4. A wet cloth or paper towels.
  5. Colored ribbons.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Very thin fishing line.
  8. Balloon table centerpiece stand

Step 1: Inflate all your balloons

Before you start your creation, make sure all your balloons are inflated. This makes it easier to pick and stick the specific balloon size and color where necessary. This is where you will use your trusty balloon pump. A manual hand-held balloon inflator is fine, but if you plan to do an extensive project or plan to be doing other balloon projects in the future, then you may find the electric balloon pump a better option.

Step 2: Tie the ribbons to the balloons

To get the floating helium ballon appearance, tie colored ribbons onto each ballon. The ribbons can be tied on straight or by using your scissors to style the ribbons for a fancy curling effect. Let these ribbons be as long as you need. Ribbons are an effective way to remove the balloons from the ceiling after you are done with your event.

Step 3: Clean and wipe dry the spot for the glue

Balloons are layered with a coat of powder to help prevent them from sticking to each other in their packaging. This thin layer of dust can remove all the stickiness from your dot glue circles. You may also need to wipe the surface that the balloons will be sticking to as well. Ensure that both surfaces are clean, dry, and free of debris before you place glue dots on your balloons.

Step 4: Mount your balloons and make them float.

Add two or more spot glue tabs on each balloon. Two spot glue tabs are more than sufficient to carry each balloon's weight. For the balloons in the arrangement that are touching the walls or ceiling and/or bearing the weight of other balloons, you can add three or more balloon glue dots to keep them secured.

Take advantage of ceiling mounted items

If you have a ceiling fan or chandelier, you can take advantage of these structures to support larger balloon arrangements. Your arrangement can then be tied to these ceiling fixtures to support their weight.

Table-top floating arrangement

If you are opting for a table centerpiece floating arrangement, ensure you set up your table centerpiece balloon kit and secure it to the table. Add your balloons to each of the seven holders and stand them up in the base. You can go for a fuller look with more than just the six balloons the kit provides for by using the glue dots to add more balloons to the arrangement. Add flowers and foliage to make your table centerpiece stand out. For night events, add on a strip of LED light along the length of the stand of a spectacular light show.

How not to float your balloons

When you look around the internet, you will find a lot of fake articles and videos claiming that they can show you how to blow up balloons without helium. Some articles and videos try to convince you that it is possible to inflate floating balloons by merely using vinegar and baking soda. Don't try it, it's a waste of time. The only real example out there that shows how to get floating balloons without helium uses a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming method that generates hydrogen from hard to source chemicals. Not only is hydrogen an extremely hazardous gas, but it would also work out cheaper to actually buy the helium.

Step 5: Arrange the balloons to your liking

Use the images below as inspiration, but feel free to use your creative juices to make your own fabulous creations. Stack multiple colors, shapes, and sizes of balloons, also try adding in other decorative items for the effect you desire.

Balloon decoration ideas without helium

We have listed several ways to decorate with balloons for your home or event without helium with amazing pictures to demonstrate.

  1. Balloon bouquet centerpiece without helium
  2. Balloon Arch Without Helium Gas
  3. Please read our full tutorial here to see how to make a balloon arch with a decorating strip without helium.
  4. Balloon table decorations without helium
  5. Balloon ceiling decor without helium
  6. DIY confetti party balloons without helium
  7. How to make a balloon column without helium
  8. Balloon clusters without helium

You can also use balloons on the ceiling for a balloon cloud effect. Feel free to vary the sizes and colors as desired.

How to set up a gender reveal balloon without helium

This setup is ideal for occasions such as a baby gender reveal. You can float a baby gender reveal balloon without helium unto the ceiling (using the glue dot tape) and pop it, then watch all the confetti fall down.

The method we outlined above is a sure and easy way to learn how to make balloons float without helium.


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