Are you having an event? Where in the planning process, are you? Are you looking for simple, trendy, and affordable decorating ideas? Then continue reading this article.

One of the most simple and inexpensive ideas you can bring to life at your next event is a balloon garland. A balloon garland is an arrangement or cluster of varying sizes of balloons draped into an organic shape and mounted against a backdrop or surface. A balloon garland is sometimes called an organic balloon arch. It is an inexpensive way to add a dramatic presentation to simple spaces at an event.

Creating a balloon garland in times past was a long and tedious process. However, modernization has simplified the process so much that a balloon garland can be created in as little as 19 mins from start to finish and cost under twenty-five dollars.

Read this article for a step-by-step tutorial guide with instructions on how to build your own balloon garland.  Using a quality balloon decorating strip tape, and other items you may find in a balloon garland kit.

A balloon garland kit is ideal for creating decorations for all types of events: birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, gender reveal, baptism, christening, weddings, graduations, or any other special occasions. Follow this guide to have your masterpiece up in a few easy steps using the balloon decorating kit.

Before you start, you will need:

  1. Balloons.
  2. One or more balloon or arch garland strip tape
  3. Dot Glue tabs
  4. A wet cloth or paper towels.
  5. Balloon Tying Tools
  6. Balloon sizing tool
  7. Balloon Flower clip
  8. Artificial Flowers and Foliage
  9. Balloon Pump (Inflator) Manual or Electric.

Other items you may need depending on your mounting surface:

  1. Command Hooks
  2. Fishing line(very thin)

Step 1: Find balloon garland inspiration.

If you are new to design, you can be inspired by looking at other professional designs across the internet. These inspired designs can help you determine your color scheme, the size, and the arrangement of your own project. You can find many design ideas here on this site or on Pinterest.

Some designs require additional accessories to recreate your masterpiece, take note of this so you can remember to get them for your project. Document the designs you like, this will help you later when its time to create your own. Choose the specific designs you are leaning towards and save them separately.

Step 2: Determine how many balloons are needed for your balloon arch

By now, you have determined the color, size, and fullness of the garland you want to create. Now its time to calculate how many balloons you will need to create your masterpiece.

The number of balloons you will need is dependent upon the size and fullness of your chosen balloon decoration arrangement. However, the general rule of thumb is for every 1 foot of the balloon garland tape you will need 6-7 balloons. To achieve your desired fullness, you can add more balloons later using balloon the dot tape. (link to this article for definition)

The length of the tape in each kit is about 25 feet (verify). You may or may not need this entire length. You can cut the tape to get your desired length.

Do not cut the exact length. Instead, leave some space on both ends because you will need to fasten your balloon arch once you are done building it.

If your garland is longer than 25 feet, you can also extend the length of the garland by attaching more tape using the fishing line or the ribbon strings.

Step 3: Inflate all your balloons

It is now the day of the event or the night before. You purchased everything you need to create your balloon garland. Now its time to inflate your balloons and premake your balloon garland.

Gone are the days of blowing up balloons with your mouth. You can save time and effort by using a balloon inflator or balloon pump for this job.  Use a balloon sizing tool to ensure you have uniformity in the sizes of all your balloons for a more professional finish.

For small or one-off projects, a manual double-action hand operated balloon pump is adequate. A manual balloon inflator may be required if you have to set up your balloon arrangement outdoors or away from an electrical outlet.

Alternatively, you can use an electric balloon pump. This can cost as much as 4 times the price of a hand-operated balloon inflator. Still, they require practically zero effort and can inflate a ballon in just a few seconds. You need to ensure that you are close to an electric outlet when operating one because most consumer-grade electric balloon inflators are not battery operated.

After choosing which pump works best for you and your situation, inflate all your balloons. You may need a room or large garbage bags to store the pumped balloons.

Step 4: Additional tools; using the Balloon Decorating Strip Tape

The balloon arch strip or balloon garland tape is a flexible, transparent, reusable strip of plastic with holes at consistent distances apart. These holes are made to secure balloons uniformly to make it easy to create beautiful balloon arrangements.

Before using the strip, check to ensure that the holes in the strip are fully punched out. Some pieces of punched-out plastic may still be obstructing the holes in the balloon tape. Some Balloon strips are punched out with a circle while others have a keyhole shape with one side larger than the other.

There are various ways to attach your balloons on the tape when making a balloon garland. Explore some of them to see the best look that you can come up with. You can try creating clusters by attaching the balloons on each side of the tape. You can also space them if you don’t want them to appear too tight.

Attaching the balloons is incredibly easy

Place the knotted end of the balloons through the hole so that they are firmly attached when forming the garland. Arrange them by color and size in a creative pattern, taking inspiration from the design you chose.

Add additional balloons using Dot Glue Tabs

Balloon dot glue tabs are circular tabs of 2 sided tape or glue that are usually on a reel or laid out on a flat sheet of paper. The dot glue tabs can be used to fill in spaces throughout your balloon garland decoration with smaller balloons or balloons of various shapes, colors, and sizes. Be creative and blend the small and large balloons on the decorating strip tape to create the effect that you desire. During cold weather, you can use a hairdryer to improve the glue stickiness before placing them on the ballon.

Step 5: Add accessories to your balloon garland

You can skip some holes on your tape to create space for accessories like foliage, flowers, or even ribbons. This will make your garland arrangement appear beautiful and more professional-looking.  Choose colors that complement each other. You can attach them to the balloons using the glue dots.

Step 6: Choose the location for your garland

At this point, you have attached all the balloons to the strip tape. You may even have added more balloons and accessories to achieve your desired fullness and style. Creating the garland was easy.

Now its time to choose the location you want to drape your hard work. You can choose any surface depending on the type of celebration and the space you are working with.

Here is a list of locations you can display your garland:

  • You can choose the entrance to the party
  • A staircase
  • The cake table
  • The food station
  • The spokes of the tent
  • The ceiling
  • The backdrop
  • The picture wall
  • The gift station
  • On the stage

Wherever you choose, your garland will convey a story of beauty, elegance, and style.

Step 7: Drape your garland

After you have chosen your location, it will be time to drape your garland. You may need a fishing line or string, command hooks, balloon duct tape, or mounting tape to attach your garland to the surface of choice. You can also use a combination of tools for additional reinforcement. If you are using command hooks and fishing line, attach the hooks to the surface and the fishing line of string to the balloon garland and begin to drape. It is advised you drape and reinforce in sections to ensure your garland is sturdy and steadfast upon completion.

Take a step back and look at your work. Air-filled balloon garland will last as much as 1 week indoors.

Congratulations, you did it!