Over the years, the balloon industry has transformed into a spectacular global gallery of artistic creations. The colourful creativity displayed in balloon decorations and arrangements has captured the imagination of many. From defined arch and column arrangements to the now popular trend of organic garlands, you are sure to come across double stuffed balloons for a pop of unique color.

What are double stuffed balloons?

A Double stuffed balloon is where one balloon is placed inside another to create a custom or unique color. It allows decorators and balloon artists to go outside of the traditional or manufactured color pallets available from off-the-shelf balloons. Double stuffing requires using two balloons of different colors to get a resultant color that is a unique mix of the two. One balloon is placed inside the other, where the outer balloon is usually the dominant shade. The process, although relatively straight forward can be challenging at first. However, with a bit of practice, it becomes a simple and reliable way to have custom and creative colors for your arrangement.

Examples of Double Stuffed vs regular balloons

Double stuffed Balloon Color Charts

The first place to start is to look at double stuffed color charts that have been made available from some of the leading balloon manufacturers such as Qualatex and Tuftex. These companies have created a swatch of popular custom balloon colors that are achievable by double stuffing. Check the file below to see if the color you desire has already been tested.

By relying on these templates, you can dive straight in and start creating stunning colors for your design. Alternatively, experimenting on your own can give you the satisfaction of creating new dynamic custom colors.

Choosing the right Balloon Inflator Pump for Double Stuffed Balloons

It is essential to have the balloons needed to double stuff but equally critical to have your inflation device (balloon inflator). There are several types and brands of balloon inflators available for purchase in your local craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Other high-end inflators can be purchased directly from a manufacturer such as Conwin. Balloon inflators can be either manual or electric.

The task of inflating a single balloon can be easily accomplished by a  hand-held inflator and most low-cost electronic inflators available on the market. However, inflating double stuffed balloons can put a strain on low-cost electric inflators. It is advisable to use either a hand-held inflator or a high-powered inflator when blowing up double-stuffed balloons.

How to inflate double stuffed balloons

Here are the items needed for double stuffing balloons:

  • Balloon inflator Balloons
  • Balloon stick or straw

There are a few steps to complete a double stuffed balloon:

  1. Select the two colors you wish to work with.
  2. Decide which will be the inner or outer color.
  3. Place balloon stick (cut to approximately 6 to 8 inches) or a firm straw into the inner balloon.
  4. With one hand, hold the exposed end of the balloon stick or straw. With the other hand, hold the balloon halfway down and twist in one direction while moving fingers to the base of the balloon and hold it in place. The objective is to remove as much air as possible from the balloon.
  5. With your free hand, glide the outer balloon over the inner balloon and release both. Remove balloon stick. Your double stuffed balloon is ready for inflation.
  6. With one hand, hold the body of the balloon while positioning both necks over the nozzle of the pump if using an electric inflator. If you are a hand-held inflator, with one hand, place the neck of the balloon over the nozzle and hold the neck in place. Use the other hand to pump into the balloon.
  7. When the desired size has been met, pull the neck of the inner balloon outward and tie it off. (This method reduces the strain on your fingers from tying both balloon necks.

Double stuffed helium balloons

This is an excellent option for arriving at customized colors for both air and helium inflation. It would be best if you only considered inflating double stuffed helium balloons that are 16 inches and over. Adding a second balloon makes for a heavier final product and may not float as desired or at all in smaller sizes of 11” or 9”. Helium inflation is not advisable for 5” balloons.

Double Stuffing Balloons for Outdoor Setups

Creating arrangements for outdoor balloon decorations is a risky and unpredictable venture. A scorching and sunny day can destroy your arrangement as the balloon burst one-by-one under the tremendous heat. Double stuffing balloons is one way to mitigate the effects of heat on your balloons. It will not prevent them from popping, but you will get a much longer lifespan from your balloons than having single balloons. Many decorators double stuff just the upper layer of their arrangements or the side in the direct line of the sun.

How to use old balloons

Double stuffing balloons is also an excellent solution for balloons stored for a long time that may have started to degrade. The double stuffing process can be used to increase their strength and save your inventory.

Finally, go and create something marvellous!