Balloon decorations have made a comeback for the 2020s, and this may be partly due to the popularity of balloon garlands arrangements.   Balloon garland designs are creative and will make a dramatic statement at your next special event, whether big or small. They are inexpensive, and anyone who can follow instructions can recreate a spectacular design by themselves.

Now with the widespread use of balloon garland kits, balloon garlands have become very easy to create. Balloon garlands are great DIY party decorations that will make your venue pop!

Below is a list of five events that are ideal for setting up a balloon garland.

1. Balloon Garland for a Baby Shower

Balloon garlands are perfect for setting-up your baby shower display table, cake table, or for hanging on your backdrop. Make anything the center of attention by surrounding it with a balloon garland.

Baby shower balloon garlands customarily utilize pastel colors, gender colors, with gold or silver accents. Feel free to add foliage and name signs along with your garland or add your signature style.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a  Girl Baby Shower?

Baby showers for girls usually mean pink. Make this more enchanting with multiple shades of pink accented with white and gold or silver. Add some foliage, transparent confetti balloons, or polka dot double balloons (pink on the inside), and your arrangement will be turning heads at your baby girl's shower.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Boy Baby Shower?

The most common color combinations for balloon garlands in boy baby showers are blue, white, and silver or blue, white, and gold. Feel free to use baby blue and multiple shades of pastel blues, or if you want a bolder look, add a metallic navy blue in the mix.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower?

Whether you chose not to reveal the baby's gender or you are not yet aware, you can still set up a gender-neutral balloon garland for your baby shower. Since blue is traditionally for boys and pink is for girls, mixing pink and blue gives you a more pastel purple or light purple. Purple and teal are ideal colors for your balloon garland.

Just as with the boy or girl baby shower, feel free to include shades of purple, either along the pastel spectrum, or you can consist of a dark metallic purple to add flare. These colors also look great with white, gold, and silver accents.

Another appropriate gender-neutral color option for the balloons in your garland is teal and its relative shades.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Gender Reveal Baby Shower?

Gender reveal baby shower can be a suspenseful and thrilling event. Only the parents know the sex of the baby and will, at some point in the shower, reveal it to the audience. Sometimes, it is the other way around, the parents choose not to know but allowed a close friend to find out and surprise them. Whatever the case may be, a balloon garland for a gender reveal baby shower can be just as exciting as the event itself.

When choosing colors for your gender reveal balloon garland, you can opt to go gender-neutral as outlined before or use colors from both the male and female balloon garland designs. You can either choose to make half of the garland blue and the next half pink or create a blend of blues and pinks across the entire garland.

You can further make the balloon garland the center of the shower by adding a large, black, gender reveal balloon. These balloons come filled with confetti or other fillings in the color of the sex of your baby. It can be inflated and placed at the top or in the center of your balloon garland arrangement. The couple will then use a sharp object for popping it and revealing to everybody the sex of the baby.

2. Balloon Garland for Birthdays

One event that almost everyone celebrates is our birthday. What better way to celebrate a birthday than with a balloon decorated birthday party, crowned with an arching balloon garland as a statement piece. The garland can be accented with 'number balloons' to display the age of the individual's birthday; this is usually done on garlands for kids.

For Birthday parties, an ideal location to place your balloon garland is at the cake table. Other options include creating a grand entrance at the door or mounting the balloon garland as a backdrop.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Boy Birthday Party?

When dreaming up the balloon decoration for a boy's birthday party, it is essential to know a little about the boy himself. This will impact how you theme the arrangements and what type of additional characters you can and make your decoration a point of conversation for the kids and adults at the party. Boys generally like particular cartoon characters from whatever show is trending at the time. Current characters boys may like include Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Paw Patrol, Lego, Elmo, Pokemon etc. Video game themes such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Mario, or Minecraft. Boys may also like sports such as soccer, football, baseball or basketball. You can also use themes from toys that boys like to play with including, cop cars, fire trucks, heavy equipment such as backhoes, excavators, dump trucks etc.

Once you have decided upon a theme, use that theme to influence your color choices and check to see if you can find mylar balloons with the theme items printed on them to add to the arrangement.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for girl birthday party?

Balloon Garlands for a girl's birthday party can be a dream to decorate. There are some fantastic themes that your little girl would go crazy about. Imagine her walking into her party to see balloon decorations themed after one of her favorite Disney princesses? Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Moana. Imagine a balloon garland made to imitate the flowing hair of Rapunzel. You can also easily find Mylar balloons for any of those characters to add to your design.

A popular choice is a unicorn balloon garland. The garland utilizes a mylar balloon for the unicorn. The garland is them populated with balloons from the colors of the rainbow. It is a spectacular wonder.

If she loves Minnie Mouse and pink, both can work well together by using balloons with multiple shades of pink and both Mylar and printed Minnie Mouse balloons to complete the theme.

Do you want to create a winter wonderland? A Frozen themed balloon garland will recreate the scene from the movie by representing the princesses' ice castle.

The ideas are endless from Barbie, Hello Kitty, LOL dolls to Ice cream, spa, art, or emojis, the possibilities are endless, and a balloon garland can be perfect in every occasion.

Once you have finalized your theme by consulting the princess, create your color scheme, and select the balloon colors that will complement the theme. Both printed and Mylar balloons will serve well to bring the elements from your idea to life.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for an Adult Birthday Party?

Adults are really kids at heart, and although the interests may change, we all like to see that our passions are considered when creating a special event. For men, it may be their favorite sports team or hobby, and women may like a specific place like Paris or London, or it could be the other way around. Whatever the passions are, there is a balloon garland arrangement that fits the concept. Simply integrate the colors from the theme into the balloon color selection and add various props around the arrangement to bring the idea to life.

3. Balloon garland for a Baby Baptism, Christening or Dedication

Dedicating a baby's life to God can be a memorable occasion in the parent's life. To make the event remarkable, you can create a beautiful balloon garland to commemorate the event and facilitate great pictures.

This type of event is usually themed in simple and calming colors. White tends to be the prevalent tone along with very light shades of pink, blue, and purple.

It is very easy to create a balloon garland for these types of events due to their simplicity.

4. Balloon Garland for Bridal Shower or Bachelorette party

Bridal showers are a grand celebration. There is joy in the air for the bride-to-be. Her bridesmaids and friends are all excited about the fun they will be having for the rest of the night. To celebrate this joyous occasion, you can create a simple balloon garland, perhaps around a sweets table or across the entrance. You can also decorate a throne for the queen to sit around since she is the center of attention for the evening.

Pink is a popular color for this arrangement. This is usually complemented with white, silver, and gold to complete the theme. Mylar balloons of words such as "Bride to Be" or "Love" are great additions for the backdrop. Feel free to include heart-shaped balloons

5. Balloon Garland for Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas, for many, is a joyous time when friends and family gather together to socialize, eat, and just have a great time. There are Chrismas parties and various occasions that create the need for grand decorations, or maybe you just want to add to the existing decorations around your Christmas tree. Whatever the need, a Christmas themed balloon garland is perfect for the occasion.

Do you need a decoration for the 12 days of Christmas? A balloon garland is a great choice. A balloon garland can remain inflated for up to 2 weeks if it is inflated with air, and high-quality balloons are used to create your garland.

A traditional Christmas balloon garland will sport the typical colors of red and green. Feel free to add white silver and gold balloons to enhance the look to a more professional level. A mylar star balloon will add a beautiful touch at the top of your garland. Stretch your balloon garland along the floor and surround it with gifts, it can be a perfect Christmas tree replacement.

6. Balloon garland for wedding

For many people, a wedding is the biggest event of their lifetime. Everything has to be perfect, the dress, the food, the music, and the decorations. Balloons have made a big comeback in wedding decorations, and balloon garlands are leading the way as a vital part of the wedding decor.

In a wedding, the placement of the balloon garland can be in one of many locations. A garland is perfect for entranceways, photo-booths, by the altar, the reception table backdrop, as a table runner centerpiece, or by the cake table. Any of these locations with stand out with a balloon garland made in just the right way.

It is very easy to find matching colors from your wedding theme for your balloon selection. Weddings garlands usually make generous use of white, so be sure to add white balloons with gold or silver accents balloons to make it stand out. Transparent balloons with gold confetti also work beautifully for weddings.

How to Make a Balloon garland for a table?

Are you looking for a table centerpiece for your wedding, why not try a balloon garland table runner? You can have your wedding theme up, close and personal with a balloon garland for the table. Use the same color scheme you utilized for your wedding theme. Add floral elements and other foliage to substitute for flowers on the table. Drape the balloon garland across the table and onto the floor for a dramatic effect. Your guests will love the appearance, and your wedding reception will be the talk of the town for quite some time.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for a Photo-booth?

A photo booth is an excellent addition to any event, whether it is a wedding or a party. Once many people, especially close friends, are gathered together in one location, the selfies start snapping. To make your event memorable, construct a simple balloon garland in the theme of your event. Since it is primarily for photo taking, you do not need to make it very large. The size should be just enough to surround a few friends taking pics together. Compliment the garland with a backdrop with colors according to your theme to make it a picturesque location for future memories.

How to Make a Balloon Garland for stairs?

An Amazing wedding picture traditional wedding picture is to see the bride walking down the stairs. Now imagine how spectacular it would be if the bride is captured walking down a staircase draped with a magnificent balloon garland. She will be perceived as if walking on clouds, like an angel descending from the heavens. Staircase balloon garlands make for a remarkable statement in any event. They act as a statement piece in a home party decor and are very easy to make and setup.

Using your favorite colors, construct your balloon garland on the floor to the length of the staircase, then using fishing line, secure it to the railing of the staircase. Ensure it hangs over to give a dramatic falling effect. Use glue dots to attach many small balloons to the garland for a full effect, hiding any spaces between the balloons. All your guests will be blown over with your masterpiece.

7. Balloon Garland for Graduation  

Graduation marks the end of a long season of hard work and intense study. It is then quite fitting to celebrate. Choose balloons from school's colors then add imagery to the garland by getting mylar balloons with the printed year or the writing "class of 20**"