Geometric Balloon Letters and Numbers are the latest balloon decoration idea to join the growing trend of balloon decorations. While similar to Mosaics Letters and Numbers Balloons, they carry a unique look that is a statement piece to any balloon décor arrangement.

What is a Geometric Balloon Letter / Number

Geometric Balloon Numbers and Letters are elements used in balloon decorations that form a 3D outline of the alphanumeric characters they represent. The outline is usually made out of metal or PVC pipes and fittings. They are used to spell out words such as BABY, LOVE, ONE, etc or numbers representing birthdays or anniversaries.

Geometric Balloon Letter or Number Size: 4ft, 5ft, 6ft?

Geometric Balloon Characters are usually the focal point of the décor arrangement that includes them. Therefore, they tend to be as big as 5 or 6 feet tall. Smaller sizes can also be used to a lesser effect. Regardless of size, geometric balloon letters and numbers provides a unique look to any arrangement.

How to Make Geometric Balloon

If you are willing to Do It Yourself (DIY), you will need to ensure that you either have tools and material necessary to cut and weld metal, or you can reproduce any letter or number using PVC pipes and fittings.

How to Make PVC Balloon Geometric Mosaic from Template

We have taken the time to build out each letter using PVC pipes and fittings and you can get the measurements to make your own 5ft Geometric Balloon Letter/Number.

Where to Buy Geometric Mosaic Numbers & Letters Balloons

You can find our store on Etsy to get a full list of all our letters and numbers that we have available.

Scan the images below for great design ideas using mosaic balloon

Balloon Geometric Mosaic Numbers & Letters for Rent

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