You need to know that:

·         Balloons will expand in the heat

·         Darker balloon colors will absorb heat and pop faster

·         Balloons will oxidize and lose their clarity

Rule #1

Use larger balloon sizes and inflate them less

Rule #2

Always fully inflate balloons to their maximum size and then deflate until you reach the desired size

Rule #3

The balloons will oxidize. The visual texture of the balloon will change getting a matte finish

Rule #4

Use white balloons as much as possible. They reflect the sun and fade less

Rule #5

When working with framework and poles, ensure that you cover these in white duct tape or wrap with white modelling balloons. This will help to keep the framework and poles from getting too hot

Rule #6

If working with helium-filled balloons, keep in mind that extreme heat speeds up the balloon diffusion process. So, in high temperatures, helium will escape much faster than normal, drastically reducing float time

Rule #7

Double Stuff the balloons. If not all, then the dark ones and all the ones that are on top of the decorations

And in the end a very important thing:

Be aware that the weather can affect balloons and balloon décor